Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Deck of Cards

Over the years, my work has been reproduced on postcards, books, wine labels, calendars, & probably other items I'm forgetting here. I've always wanted to put my work on a deck of playing cards, but until recently this has not been possible, or at least too expensive to consider. However, I recently came across a company apparently based in Hong Kong, that will affordably put your photos or artwork on not only the back of playing cards, but also the front. This was a prototype, so I only used 16 images for the fronts (major suits plus 2 jokers), and also one ("The Eye of Heaven") for the backs. I had to crop the images slightly to make them fit, which is a compromise, but not too bad. I was quite happy with the results...I may do another version where all the images on the faces are different artworks. Watch this space...

The deck of Ayton artwork cards

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