Saturday, May 22, 2010

Julia Kay's Portrait Party

This is something I've recently become involved with on Flickr, the photo (& art) sharing site. It's a Flickr group, where you join up & post a photo/s of yourself, & other people make artwork based on the reference photos, plus you do the same with theirs. I don't usually consider myself a portraitist, so it has taken me a bit outside my comfort zone. The first few pieces I did were a little tentative, but now I'm relaxing & stretching out...the piece below is my latest effort, of Belgian artist Barbara Luel.

Here is the link to Julia Kay's Portrait Party. Julia Kay is the California-based artist who started the group, by the way.

Portrait of Barbara Luel from Julia Kay's Portrait Party, 2010, ink acrylic & pencil on paper, 11" x 8.5"

It started as an ink drawing, then I added the acrylic layer, then the pencil details mostly on the face. The different layers of detail work pretty well & may signal a significant development in my work.

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