Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tumbalalaika at Narcissus Press

My wife, partner, goddess, muse, poet, etc., Diana Ayton-Shenker is pleased to announce the publication of her first collection of poetry, "Tumbalalaika" on our very own imprint, Narcissus Press of Rhinebeck, NY. The cover of the book is my painting, "The Temple of Diana" (2006), appropriately enough. Diana is a published writer of political analysis, human rights concerns, and, of course, poetry. She is very good. I haven't been paid to say that. Yet.

Above: the front cover.

More books will follow. "Wake-Up Blast" by Hall Gardner, a collection of poems, is in the works. Another collection of poems by Eliot Katz. A literary review, Narcissus, will also be published...