Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A New Global Agenda book cover

Here is the (probably) final book cover for my wife's upcoming publication, A New Global Agenda, Priorities, Practices, and Pathways of the International Community. It's due out in February 2018, but available for pre-order via the publisher's website. See the link for the book page with all the details. And here is the original painting that was used (darkened a little for text legibility).

When I started working on this image, I thought I would do 3 or 4 variations on the theme & the publisher could choose the best one. However, they liked the first one, so that was that. I also did 3 section divider images (as ink drawings) for the inside of the book. I'll probably post those on this blog at some point.


A New Global Agenda, edited by Diana Ayton-Shenker, published by Rowman & Littlefield, February 2018