Friday, January 05, 2007

Famine 1991

This was a drawing I created way back in 1991 as part of a series entitled "In Humanity":

Famine, 1991

I've just re-edited the image to include the title, my name & my URLs. This was because my web stats package was indicating large numbers of hits on the image, without corresponding hits on the pages where it was on my sites. This probably means that someone is remote linking to it -- putting it on their site, but pulling it from the server where I'm hosting it. I don't mind people using my work for non-profit purposes on their MySpace pages & so on, but would really appreciate if people would upload the image to their own hosting server (a right-click & a "save as" will save the picture to your computer) & an image credit so that viewers know the title & who painted or drew the image. I don't think it's too much to ask. Otherwise, I'll have to edit all my images to include the credits, which I personally find a little annoying (to do & also to look at), but there you have it. Just a little rant...

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