Saturday, November 24, 2007

Untitled Woodcut

This is the proof from a new woodcut, in fact my first:

Oil-based ink on rice paper, 9" x 7" approx, 2007.

This woodcut was carved & printed by my friend, Jim Stevenson (take a bow, Jim), who knows more about this kind of thing than I do. This was a test, & as it looks pretty good, I'm working on some more, which I'm carving out myself. Jim is also working on another one. All of them are anonymous heads, which is kind of a theme of mine. The characteristics of Jim's carving give my work a different look, I think.

People have been saying for years that my ink drawings looked like woodcuts, that I should do woodcuts, & so on. So now, I finally am. So far so good.

I'm having an open studio event next Saturday, so these will be on show then, I hope. We plan to mat some of them. I may hand-color some, also. It's an interesting new direction. I'll upload some more images if & when I have them.

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