Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Virtual Tour of my Studio

I spent most of today organizing my studio for a small event on Saturday -- a little cocktail party/open studio for some friends. The studio is almost ready -- I want to do one new piece to round it off (I'll post that in a day or so, I hope), but here are some flash photos I just took in the studio, to give you an idea of the layout & what is on the walls right now -- basically, a selection of work both old & new...

The main pieces in this shot are Duino Elegy 10 (1999) on the left & Narcissus in the Pool (around 2006) on the right.

Main piece: Duino Elegy 3 (1999), on the easel is Babel from 2004.

The main artworks are: Orpheus Rising (2004), The Last Minotaur (1997) & Lost Empire (2006.)

Main images: Leaning Figure (2006) & Duino Elegy 2 (1999.)

Main image: The Wasteland from The Black Paintings, 1999.

Above the door: Menowar, 2007.

Various small paintings. [note: I seem to have photographed an "orb" above the 3rd painting from the left on the wall -- I assume it's just a speck of dust caught in the flash...]

The painting to the left of the French doors is Woman & Object, 1994. The flash didn't work properly here.

Some art materials.

I apologize that the quality of the photos is not wonderful, but hope that they are interesting from a documentary viewpoint. If you click on the photos, you will see somewhat bigger versions.

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