Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hell Portfolio -- Rough Sketches

I've decided to condense the flow of somewhat random images from the Hell series into a portfolio of 12 drawings, which might evolve into paintings, and might also evolve into a large single painting containing these elements...

As you can probably see, these are very rough images which might change a little, or even completely, as the process continues. Stay tuned for further developments...

1. The Wheel of Souls

2. The Behemoth

3. Demons

4. The Abyss

5. Hope

6. Soul Catcher

7. The Mouth of Hell

8. The Serpent

9. The Lake of Souls

10. Fall of the Rebel Angels

11. The Face of Hell

12. Lucifer

I'd like to publish these, maybe in a leather binder or slip-box or something. If there are any publishers out there who may be interested, please get in touch via this blog, or via email at info at ayton dot net (just reformat that for regular email.)

I'll post the finished drawings as I do them. "Hope" is already done, I put in the sketch of that one for completeness.

The sketches are all done in black pencil on printer-sized cardstock (11" x 8.5"), and have been slightly darkened in Photoshop for easy visibility.

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