Monday, October 18, 2010

The Book of Souls updates

Here are some of the more recent images from The Book of Souls, a collaboration with Chicago-based artist Tim Lowly, who takes my original drawings & magically processes them in Photoshop:

Sarah and the Souls of the Sea.

DJR and the Fallen Soul (DJR is Donald J. Rothschild, with whom I collaborated on the illustrated version of his screenplay/novel, Shadow Bay)

MHC and the Unemployed Souls.

KH and the 2 Expatriate Souls. KH is Karin Hanta, a friend who lives in Vermont. She's a writer/translator by profession.

Exaltation | Without Faces. This is a piece that Tim did a while ago. It deviates from the usual portrait/setting format, and is the only piece to do so at this point.

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