Monday, September 12, 2011

Works from the Holocaust series of 2005

Below is a selection of preparatory studies and also more finished studies from a series of works on the Holocaust that I created in 2005. The original intention of the series was that it form a collaboration with a composer who was preparing musical works to somehow go along with the paintings. He created a number of musical "sketches" for the collaboration, but came to a point where he felt somehow blocked and could not continue. For my part, I created what became a series of 4 triptychs which formed a sort of chronological and imaginative retelling of the Holocaust events. Below, I have posted a selection of the images; some of the rough preparatory paintings, and some larger, more finished pieces. In many cases, I find that the earlier works are more immediate and powerful. The ultimate aim was to produce the triptychs on a much larger and probably more detailed scale, but due to the usual budget and space constraints, this has up to now failed to materialize.

I should add the usual disclaimer that, of course, this series of artworks is against fascism and genocide, and in no way seeks to encourage such atrocities to ever occur again.

Note: an overview of the Holocaust series can be seen on my web site here.

The Final Solution, 2005, acrylic on board, 24" x 24" approx.

The Liberation, 2005, acrylic on board, 24" x 24" approx.

City of Broken Windows (study), 2005, acrlyic on board, 12" x 9".

The Final Solution (study), 2005, acrylic on board, 12" x 9".

The Ghetto (study), 2005, acrylic on board, 10" x 8".

The Train (study), 2005, acrylic on board, 10" x 8".

The Liberation (study), 2005, acrylic on board, 10" x 8".

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