Friday, October 28, 2011

Shadow Bay is coming soon...

We still seem to be in the phase of squashing bugs & fixing typos, but Shadow Bay should be released in all its glory quite soon. We have a proof copy, which looks very good with its matte varnish cover...better than glossy... In any case, here is the cover again & a few interior images...some of the images in the book don't work so well without the text, but these seem to stand alone quite well.

The full cover.

David Fisher (main protagonist) keeps an eye on the horses in chapter 3.

David Fisher comes face to face with a big scary (dead) fish in chapter 2.

Fisher gets a fleeting glimpse of the normal life that passed him by, from chapter 5, Shadow Bay, written by Donald J. Rothschild and illustrated by myself, will be available soon. Please check back in a week or so.

Here is the back cover blurb:  

He had felt it from the moment she looked back at him... they were the same, they had the same hunger, had taken the same hits, they’d been told to stop it, shape up and step up, but the hunger still remained. “Somehow I missed that train,” he said. “That everyday normal train. Somehow it pulled out without me.” She took a drink and slid below the covers... “I guess I missed that train too.”

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