Monday, February 13, 2012

Shadow Bay review in Hudson Valley News

This just in:

And I quote:

"How to read a book if you don't understand what it is? I plan to email the author or illustrator, both of whom live in Rhinebeck, and ask them to tell me what a "noir visual novel" is. Meanwhile, I'll simply call it a graphic novel and that it's X-rated, so the kids don't get their hands on it.

"Shadow Bay", written by Donald J. Rothschild with over 300 illustrations by William T. Ayton (Epigraph, $17.95) has, as its anti-hero, David Fisher, a ne'er-do-well sportswriter for the local weekly newspaper — "the skinny little one" — and well-hooked bettor on the horses. He skips his meetings at Gamblers Anonymous, soon hooks up with a married hottie and fellow bettor, gets fired, loses all his money, and...yup, there's a murder. Follow this couple to Florida, where they open a restaurant and...oh, dear. "Life is a bitch with a harelip, and sometimes you gotta pucker up."

More on this one after I've spoken with the authors. Meanwhile, I wonder what other new and puzzling genres I'm missing out on."

From the "Good Stories" section by Ann La Farge. Hudson Valley News, Feb 8-14, 2012.

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