Monday, September 30, 2013

Liquid Graphite, again...

I've been down this road before, searching for an alternative to the trusty but smudgy "lead" pencil. I've tried silverpoint...good but faint (and you have to gesso the drawing surface). I've tried liquid graphite in an earlier incarnation, but it clotted a lot & was not what I was looking for. I was just at the local art store in Rhinebeck buying some cardboard sheets to paint on, when I saw this item hanging on the wall. It's called "Liquaphite", which I assume is a portmanteau word derived from "liquid" & "graphite". I haven't opened it or used it yet, as I'm busy with other things, but here is a scan of the back of the packet, including the price tag of $1.89 (seems reasonable). I was going to scan the front, but as it includes the "pencil" in its 3d see-through plastic holder, it didn't come out very well. I may fire up my digital camera later, but here, for now is the back with the essential information.

Some observations:
1. The name of the product is not incredibly good. Makes you wonder what was rejected by the focus group.
2. It comes with 3 eraser refills, which seems excessive.
3. It doesn't come with graphite refills, but maybe it will last for ages.
4. What about non-standard tests?

Anyway, I'll let you know, in case you're interested.

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