Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Steranko Homage

Thanks to Tony Robertson and John Gandour who run the Drawings of Steranko site, for their great job in putting my (and many other people's) homage to Jim S on the homage page on their site. The image, as you will see when you click through, is the splash page from Agent of SHIELD #1, which in the original comic book featured Nick Fury scaling an improbable fortress presumably to do battle with the forces of...but you'll have to find a copy of the comic book or reproduction of same to find out exactly what. In the meantime, thanks guys, it's a pleasure.

Figure Scaling an Obelisk (detail of homage to Jim Steranko), 2013, acrylic on cardboard, full size 48" x 36".

For those few who don't know, Jim Steranko is the comic book artist who popularized Nick Fury & SHIELD back in the late 60s for Marvel, then went on to have a career as a paperback book artist, publisher, writer, historian, Twitter raconteur, and probably other things I'm forgetting right now. A living legend, if you will.

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