Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Poppy update

(above, an illustration from Poppy)

A year or two back, I did some illustrations for a children's/young adult book called Poppy. The project came to me out of the blue, as it were, & I hadn't illustrated a book of this kind before. The publication is currently only available as an e-book, I believe, but continues to be translated into other languages. Here is an email I recently received from the publisher, which may be of interest to readers of this blog:

We are Penny-A-Page Marketing and we have produced books which are on Amazon (Kindle Edition), Barnes & Nobel (Kook Edition) and Google (Kobo Editions) (among others).

The purpose of this e-mail is one particular book we would like to market; perhaps with your on-line site. 

The book is a coming of age book for younger audiences called Poppy written in both English and Irish Gaelic. 

We recently translated it into Irish Gaelic, actually on St.Patrick's Day here in the U.S. and would like to reach the Irish Gaelic folks in Ireland.

I've enclosed the two covers, the Irish Gaelic and English with a samples of excerpts of the book descriptions.

If you are interested, please e-mail me your requirements. 

You may also review these on the Amazon.com.uk sites with these urls and we would like to stay within the same price parameters.
Sharlene D Irwin, CEO Penny-A-Page Marketing

below: Amazon.co.uk preview of the e-book:

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