Sunday, August 06, 2006

The John J. Harvey

John J. Harvey fireboat
To break up this blog a bit, here's a diversion. This afternoon I went for a brief sail on the Hudson with a friend in his 20-foot dinghy. The water was pretty calm & it was a beautiful day.

Previously, with Diana & the kids, I'd seen the renowned fireboat John J. Harvey in Rhinecliff, as part of the festivities for "Rhinecliff Day", so when we were going up the Rondout Creek in Kingston, heading for the river, it was not a surprise to see JJH with its water jets jetting at full tilt. We wound up getting a little too close -- we got soaked to the skin as we passed by.

Still, it was great to see the plucky fireboat (it was called into service on 9/11 to put out fires that were inaccessible except from the river, I believe). I caught the rainbow effect in the photo, with the light filtering through the massive spray.

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