Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Show of Heads at the Limner Gallery

Here's a scan (sorry the top image got stripey somehow) for the Limner Gallery (Hudson, NY) exhibit, "A Show of Heads" featuring the "Logic of War" painting, which should be visible on this blog in the left sidebar.

You can click on the scan of the reverse of the postcard for the info, but here it is anyway: the show runs from 1-29 November 2008. The opening reception is on Sat, Nov 1 from 4-6pm. The Limner Gallery is at 123 Warren Street (the main street, basically) of Hudson. You can reach Hudson via Amtrak from NYC (Penn Station) going towards Albany, NY. Maybe I'll see you there...

The image on the front of the postcard is "Cry Baby For Me", a digital print by Susan Kaprov (12" x 14"). The small image on the back of the postcard (below) is "Bull Market" by Peter Cameron (oil on board, 24" x 24"). Apologies again for the streaks on the scan above -- blame my scanner.

Here is the Limner Gallery web site.

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