Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY

Today I drove north up to the Limner Gallery in Hudson, NY, to take some photos of my painting, "Menowar", which is in the "Emerging Artists" group show there this month, & happens to be prominently featured in the window. I thought I should capture this historic moment on (digital) film, so I threw my camera in the car, along with a tripod that didn't become necessary & off I went...

Figure 1. Menowar painting & a lot of reflections.

Of course, I hadn't figured that maybe lighting conditions wouldn't be optimal. It's a bright, cloudless, sunny day here in the Hudson Valley. A perfect day for taking some snapshots, you (I) might think. Well, it depends if you're photographing a shiny gallery window in bright sunlight.

Figure 2. Limner Gallery sign, not under glass.

Of course, I tried shooting the photos from all kinds of different angles & such, but to not much avail. Hudson is a pretty town with lots of very picturesque buildings, which can be seen quite clearly in the following photos:

Figure 3. Houses on Warren St. obscure my painting.

Figure 4. Self-portrait of the artist as a shadowy blur, with Hudson houses.

BTW, here is what the painting actually looks like:

Figure 5. Menowar, acrylic on board, 2007, 18" x 30", as it should be seen.

Still, it was nice to get out & visit Hudson, albeit briefly. I shall have to return, maybe over the weekend & shoot the painting perhaps at night, when it is illuminated by the lights in the gallery window. Until then, here are some shots of Warren St., the main street of Hudson.

Figure 6. Warren St., Hudson, looking sort of in the direction of the Hudson River, I guess.

Figure 7. Red van going up Warren St. in the other direction.

Hudson -- a very nice town to visit -- there are some excellent galleries, restaurants & stores to see, as well as other nearby attractions (such as Olana, the painter Frederic Church's house).

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