Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Forgotten drawings from the basement

I was down in the basement last night going through boxes from the time we moved house 5 years ago. I vaguely recall that at the last moment I was throwing things randomly into boxes, including some drawings, it appears. Following is a selection of some of them from around 2001-2002. They all seem to have been done with a Rotring pen or similar.

Head, 2001, ink on paper, 9" x 7" approx.

Falling Man, 2001(?), ink on paper (with stainage), 9" x 6.5" approx.

Head with Closed Eyes, 2002, ink on paper, 6" x 5" approx.

Strange Group of Figures, 2002, ink on paper, 6" x 6" approx.

Lost Head, 2002, ink on paper, 5.7" x 6" approx.

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