Friday, March 09, 2012

Dibujos Para Colorear | Drawings To Color

This is another one in a continuing series where I have found one (or more) of my artworks on another web site or blog in an odd context...this time it's the drawing below of a head (done with the infamous liquid graphite pencil, which I didn't like very much, so I tried to give it away to my kids...)

Head in 3/4 Profile, 2011, liquid graphite on paper, 11" x 8.5".

Here is the link to this & other drawings (not mine) suitable for coloring: It strikes me as a bit of an odd choice for a coloring image, due to its lack of strong outlines, which I would have thought would be a prerequisite, but what do I know? Below are some (IMHO) better examples...

A Forest, 2011.

The Acrobats, 1993.

Eros & Thanatos Were Lovers, 2003.

Here's an idea...if anyone wants to color these in, either digitally or print them out & do it the traditional way, & then send them to me (or send me a link or something), I may put them up here (if I like them, of course)...there might even be some sort of prize...though relatively few people read these posts...but, you never know...

TIP: if you click on the images to view/download, you'll get a larger version, which would be more coloring-friendly.

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