Friday, January 29, 2016

Angelic (digital)

Below is the digital version of a drawing that no longer exists. I originally started the drawing in sepia ink, which can be harder to work with than black ink on account of the paleness of the pigment. I find it more difficult to get an even tone. As time went on, the drawing became more and more overworked...I paused and took a digital photo in poor lighting conditions. To improve things, I loaded the photo into Photoshop & tried a few options...the "stamp" filter was the one that worked. Basically, it evened out the inconsistencies in the lines and revealed the underlying structure of the drawing much more coherently. Inspired by the digital version, I went back to the drawing and worked on it some more with black ink...with the unfortunate consequence that the drawing became more convoluted and weaker. Eventually, I destroyed the drawing. The digital version is much better than the drawing ever was...though it does indicate some possible routes forward for future artwork.

Angelic, digital image, 2016

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