Sunday, July 30, 2006

Asleep In The Abyss

Asleep In The Abyss

The stats: circa 2002, brush & ink on paper, 6" x 5.5".

This is the probable cover image for my second portfolio, forthcoming via, "Small Drawings". Over the years I've accumulated a number of small artworks in ink on paper, that were either finished pieces in themselves, studies or sketches for other works (though I've never really consciously done sketches per se, except on rare occasions), or curios, or whatever. They tend to be looser & more spontaneous than my more finished pieces (which in themselves are more spontaneous than they probably appear at first glance), & have a charm (if that's the right word) all of their own. They range from the beautiful to the puzzling to the terrifying to the grotesque to the bizarre -- sometimes all at once.

I'm currently thrashing around with the layout & cover, though hopefully I'm more or less there. There's also the question of whether I should print it in b/w (& shave a dollar or two off the price) or print it all (the pieces are all monochrome) in color & have the slightly better quality. I'm leaning toward the latter...


gumbee said...

A lovely piece of art. I also admire grotesque and bizarre. :)

William T. Ayton said...

Stacey -- I thank you.