Monday, July 24, 2006

Dia Beacon

Well, we finally made it down to Dia (contemporary art museum focusing on minimalism, etc.) in Beacon, NY. We drove down Route 9, which is known for its frequent traffic lights, so we broke up the trip at IHOP. When we got to Beacon, we proceeded to get lost for a while, as, while there is signage, it's not very prominent. But we got there -- you have to go down Main Street towards the river & station, by the way. It's very close to the station.

The place itself is very impressive, an old & very big factory building complex. The parking lot seems quite small -- maybe there's another parking lot somewhere. It was $10 for the adults, but the kids (under 12) got in free. There was lots of space for the kids to walk (not run!) around in. They especially liked the comfy sofas in the Warhol "shadow" (an unusual series of paintings for him -- they're all basically abstract) room. They also liked the fish fountain in the basement (Bruce Nauman, if I remember correctly), and other stuff. My personal favorite was Louise Bourgeois' large "Spider" in the upstairs part. The Richard Serra large cylindrical-ish rusty steel sculptures that we could walk inside were also a big hit.

You can get all the info here. You should pay a visit -- well worth it. The bookshop/cafe is not bad, either.

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