Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Petrified World

Yet another new drawing.

The Petrified World, 2009, brush & ink on paper, 23.5" x 18".

The face in this one reminds me a little bit of photos I've seen of J.G. Ballard, the visionary science fiction writer who just died. Over the years, I've read several of his books, & liked his work, though his style was a little dry, clinical & detached for my personal taste. He had a tendency to write apocalyptic novels, such as The Crystal World & Drought, envisioning different scenarios whereby the world would come to an end. As far as I know, he never wrote a book called "The Petrified World" (though The Crystal World was close), so here is an image of that...

Here's to you, J. G.

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