Tuesday, March 31, 2020

New World City prototype in Unity

Here is a screen grab from my computer where I'm assembling this early version of New World City, an intended large-scale public AR (augmented reality) art installation. The basic idea is of a Utopian city inside a bubble, suffused with positive energy (warmth, humanity, love, stars, etc) & hovering in the sky above us, just out of (or in) reach.

As you can see, I'm building it inside the software package called Unity (the name itself conjures up ideas of human cooperation), having built most of the individual parts in Blender, the 3D modeling program. The double-helix tower near the front is new, having been built specifically for this project by my daughter Lizzie. I'm hoping to gradually replace the more geometric & "computer graphics" -type buildings with more organic forms, possibly sculpted by myself & then scanned into digital format. Previous attempts at 3D scanning have not been stellar, but I'm hoping that with work, we can improve that side of things.

Unity screen grab (PC) with New World City

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