Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Return of Jürgen Waxweiler

I just got this postcard today from my German sculptor friend Jürgen Waxweiler:

[click on the images for a better view]

The last time Jürgen sent me a postcard announcing an exhibit, it took me weeks to get it up on the blog, by which time the show was over, or almost over. This time, I'm cutting to the chase. Here are the details:

I met Jürgen what seems like two lifetimes ago, but it was only two years, at the Museum on the Seam show, "Bare Life" in Jerusalem. It was a great show & I'm glad to see that Jürgen is still working away & showing his work. If you're reading this & near his studio, please go along & say hi.

Above: close-up of Jürgen.

Check out his web site's news page for this & other news items.

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