Sunday, August 01, 2010

Double-Page Spreads from Souls Sketchbook

The Souls sketchbook (see a couple of posts below) has taken an interesting turn, whereby I'm using facing pages to make the images communicate in some way or other. Below are the first 7 double images.

Pages 37-38. Dialog Between a Hand and a Tree.

Pages 39-40. kiss / merge.

Pages 41-42. The Tree Composed of Bones and the Tree Composed of Clouds.

Pages 43-44. Two Gnarled Trees Engaged in Mortal Conflict.

Pages 45-46. Two Cocooned Figures Unraveling Towards Each Other.

Pages 47-48. Calling In Unison.

Pages 49-50. The Windows on Your Soul.

Clicking on the images will show larger versions. Use the browser's "back" button to get back here.

Probably more to follow.

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