Monday, August 23, 2010

Heyday's Edinburgh

Here are some scans of the packaging of the CD from the band I was in around 25 years's been a long wait, but finally the music is widely available.

Above: front cover.

Above: back of the CD booklet...I'm in the top photo on the left.

Track Listing:
1. Sad And Blue
2. Let Go
3. Pack On Your Back
4. Golden
5. Pull Up A Chair
6. Talk To Me
7. Shape
8. Good Time Now (live)
9. Johny's Land (live)

I play keyboards on the first 7 tracks. The last 2 songs are live, & recorded after I had left the band. The music is 1980s alternative pop music, I guess. To me it still sounds timeless, despite the fact that these are really demos and live tracks (the live ones suffer a little from poor recording). The songs (written by Stephen H. Harrison) are potential classics of love, angst & Edinburgh life. Well worth a listen...

Here is the Facebook page.

You can buy the CD from here.

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