Saturday, June 17, 2006

My New Studio

At last, after years of working in small, cramped spaces where the sun never shone (it seemed), I've got myself a decent-sized place to work. It sits on a hill in northern Dutchess County in New York State. Originally a horse barn, it has three levels: ground floor is the big studio, second floor is the showroom/gallery/smaller studio, & the loft is for storage, mostly. It was previously used as a car garage & dollhouse & dollhouse accessories showroom (I'm not making this up).

While it was in pretty good shape when we bought the barn/house combo (we bought a barn with a house), we've had to do several major (and, of course, expensive) upgrades: a new concrete floor on the ground level, sheetrocking of walls & replacing noisy tube lights with incandescent bulbs. It's currently not finished, but serviceable. I've started using it, though the initial results tend to be small-scale, as I adapt to the large space.

A photo from a couple weeks ago:

My new studio in progress
More coming soon.

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