Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tower of Babel

This is a piece that I created a couple of years ago. Much of my work deals with myths and history and so on, and this seemed to be one of those images that was a particular archetype, and especially resonant these days, what with the massive corporate media echo chamber. Some of my previous works had featured broken tower motifs (and, no, I've no idea what that could mean), so I felt like I should engage this particular subject. The Breughel version was always one of my favorites, also.

Additionally, today in the mail I received a shipment of postcards featuring this image. If anyone wants to email me with their snail mail address, I'll send the first 5 respondents a card in the mail. I'm not going to sell your info to spammers or junk mailers or anything. After the 5 postcards are sent, or I get bored waiting, I'll remove this offer.

Here's the image:


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