Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Workspace

My working corner of the studio (ground floor) is next to a faux French door setup, that we (actually a guy called Kevin Miller -- thanks, Kevin) installed in place of a garage door. A friend of mine & pretty well-known illustrator, James Ransome, found the doors and some windows being thrown away at the house across the street from him, so he grabbed them for me (thanks, James). The old garage doors didn't let in much light, so these are much better. While the rest of the studio is being finished up, this is my working corner, for now.

My work area
The painting on the wall, "The Tempest", 2000, acrylic on unstretched canvas, is around 6 feet high & 9 feet wide, to give a sense of scale. The easel holds a primed & prepared piece of plywood that shortly (if I remember correctly) was to become a little painting entitled "Pachyderm".

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