Friday, June 23, 2006


Enough of this cryptoarchaelogy (below). This is supposed to be my art blog...

Here's a painting I did, oh, around 15 years ago. It's still one of my best works. I painted it in England, where I entered it in the John Moore's annual contest/exhibition, where of course it did nothing, as much of my work looks out of place, or rather "out of time". We moved to Paris in mid-1991, & took it with us, on the train/boat/train trip. On the train in London, it attracted the attention of a rather drunk guy sitting across from us -- the painting was wrapped in clear plastic film & was quite clearly visible. The inebriated guy was quite impressed with my talent, & he should have known: he had apparently stolen several quite important works of art (Turner, Bonnington) from musuems in England.

The painting lived in our apartment in Paris, then when we moved to the US, I rolled it up & shipped it over. We sold it to a collector from Michigan who owned it for around 10 years, then passed away. The family found that there wasn't a good market for this kind of art at auction in Michigan ("Is the painter dead? No? Then we can't get a very good price for it"), so they wound up sending it back to me, where it hangs on my wall until I can find a collector who'd like it. I've had quite a few interested parties, but no concrete offers yet. Any takers?

Narcissus, 1991, acrylic on canvas, framed, 50" x 44" approx.

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