Friday, June 23, 2006

Noah's Arks

I've been looking & thinking some more about the "ark" discovered on the mountain in Iran. The thing that bothers me most about it is the lack of any obvious man-made structure in the debris, apart from the "plank" formations. Anyone who's ever built anything such as a set of shelves or a kids' playset (& I've done both in my time), knows that you can't just stick some planks together edge to edge & hope that the thing will not collapse. There have to be some kind of cross-beams or cross-braces somewhere, or some other way of holding it all together (ropes? vines?). I'm not seeing any of that.

Here's the link again. Scroll down past the ads & stuff.

I also found some photos of a Chinese expedition to Ararat to look for the Ark. On this page is a photo of some Chinese people looking into an icy cave. At first sight, this looks even less impressive than the dubious Iranian version. However, I notice that the local guide is called "Parasut", which sounds kind of similar to the Kurdish guide "Parachute" in Bruce Feiler's book "Walking the Bible", who claimed to have found the Ark of Noah on Ararat & have photographic evidence...coincidence? Maybe...

Just how many arks did Noah have, anyway?

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