Thursday, June 15, 2006

Naked Art

Why "Naked Art Blog"? Well, most of my painting & drawing is figurative, and I'm not particulary interested in rendering clothing...also, nudity sells, they tell me, so I thought it might catch your interest.

Here's a recent piece of art that I did in the last week or so:

Woman in BLue

Title is "Woman in Blue" -- it started out as a drawing in India ink, then I colored it with acrylic paints. I felt it had a moody, dreamlike feeling. Size of the image is about 10" by 8". It's one of the first pieces created in my new studio, which is a barn in my back yard. We've just spent the last several months getting it ready to use -- pouring a new concrete floor, sheetrocking the walls, installing a double glass door & new window, replacing tube lights that buzzed & flickered with incandescent bulbs. So, after all that work, I'd better create some new pieces.

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