Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Entropy Series

Here is an overview of the Entropy Series as it currently stands:

Click image for larger view.

I was updating my MySpace page last night after a long period of ignoring it for some reason. The image above is an edited screen grab of the drawings on MySpace.

MySpace has the option of uploading images into albums, so I put the Entropy series into an album. I did the same with the "Ruined Cities" btw. I find it useful to be able to see this kind of overview from time to time. The Entropy drawings now comprise around 12 drawings, mostly from 2009, but there is one from 2003 that was just waiting for this series to happen. This is not to say that the above is the finished series, or that even all the images will remain in the final series. I don't even know how many drawings there will be...maybe 20...


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