Friday, May 29, 2009

The War Room Portfolio

Also from around 2006, here are a few sample pages from the War Room portfolio (see posts below for more on portfolios), which now also comes up on Amazon. The War Room is a 4-wall painted installation that surrounds the viewer with the 4 faces of war: warriors, witnesses, victims & aftermath. Please click the images below for a slightly bigger view:

Front cover, with a detail from the Warriors panel. The painting is actually monochrome, but I screened it blue for the cover.

The Witnesses, whole & detail.

Aftermath panel, NYC. Visible through the gap in the middle is The Peace Piece (mannequins & video), by Adelle Lutz, which was shown in the same space.

Cored, a related anti-war drawing.

Man O' War, related painting.

As I mentioned, you can find this small portfolio on Amazon now. I printed it in color, even though many of the images are monochrome. You can also download a free PDF version from the War Room web site.

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