Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My older books now available via Amazon

I just received an email from Lulu.com, the on-demand printer where I published a few portfolios a couple of years ago (around 2006) -- Ayton Volume I, Small Drawings & The War Room Portfolio. It seems they are now available on Amazon Marketplace (I have been selected for this honor). I guess this is very nice, more people will now be able to find my books, and, hopefully, buy them. Below is the front cover of the Ayton Vol. I portfolio (with the Narcissus painting from 1991):

Just go to Amazon & search under my name, you should find them. So far, only the one above has an actual cover image visible on the Amazon page, but the others will probably follow in due course.

BTW, the books are cheaper if you go to Lulu.com & get them there (my profit margin stays the same), though if you are buying a number of items on Amazon, it might work out better for you with regards to shipping & so on.

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