Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Note: older works to be posted on my other blog/copyright issues

Posting older works & pieces from my archives:

This is just to mention that I'm going to keep this blog as exclusively as possible for new works, works-in-progress & news. Older works will be posted on my other blog to avoid confusion (or, possibly, create more). The decision to post older works was inspired by various factors, for example my access to & proficiency with technology has gradually gotten better over the years, so older pieces may not have been photographed or scanned at all, or have been done so using older, low-resolution devices. So, in many cases, I'm photographing or scanning works that were never cataloged and also taking better photos or scans where the existing versions were of suboptimal quality.

I was also inspired to dig out some older pieces, especially the mythological ones, after finding them reproduced on various web sites and blogs, for example here (Narcissus), here (Leda) and here (Oedipus). I have found many other such examples over the years. Many of my older pieces merit further exposure, it seems. (It's not just older pieces, works done in the last few years have also been "borrowed", but of course it takes a while for people to stumble upon things & use them, so the older ones tend to get more visibility.)

Here are the pieces mentioned above (I realize that I'm breaking my new rule about posting older works on my new blog, but there you are, it was bound to happen):

Narcissus, 1991.

Leda, 1992.

Oedipus, 1992.

Copyright issues:

I don't mind too much if people use my work on their blogs or web sites, as long as:

-- attribution (& a link, to, preferably) is given to the artist ("William T. Ayton")
-- the work is not modified in any way (includes cropping, color correction, manipulation with filters in Photoshop, etc)
-- the work is not being offered for sale in some way (book cover, t-shirt, CD-Rom of images, etc)
-- the work is not displayed in a context that would be in any way detrimental -- for example (but not limited to) in a pornographic, graphically violent, or similarly inappropriate context
-- I would also appreciate knowing where & when someone has used my art, rather than finding out about it weeks, months or years later via a Google search
-- there are probably other ways & situations that I wouldn't want my work displayed not covered by the above, so if in doubt, please ask & I will advise

My artworks are all copyright to myself & definitely not in the public domain. However, I feel that using unaltered low-resolution images on the web for non-profit purposes constitues fair usage in many cases. It also helps my work reach a wider public, which I am in favor of.


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