Thursday, June 18, 2009

Third Silverpoint Drawing

A more sketchy one:

Man with Eyes Raised, Mouth Open, 2009, silverpoint on prepared card, 11" x 8.5". This is probably the last silverpoint I'll post here until they're ready for the new blog. Again, this has been enhanced in Photoshop so that you can actually see it relatively clearly. I'm hoping that the oxidized drawing will be darker than this -- I'm trying to be conservative in my estimation of the final result.

The prototype for this depiction of a head can be seen in my own work in my 2004 drawing, Blind Singer. The inspiration can also perhaps be found in other artists' work, from Leonardo's studies of grotesque heads to Jean Delville's drawing Parisfal.

Here is the drawing with the contrast mazimized:

The oxidized silverpoint drawing will probably never achieve this level of contrast, this is presented here to show the image more clearly.

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