Thursday, June 25, 2009


A new head done in silverpoint:

Song, 2009, silverpoint on prepared card (enhanced in Photoshop), 11" x 8.5".

It's a strangely compelling image that almost calls to you from across the room.

I did consider calling the piece "Scream", or "Pain" or something, but the positive side won out, I think. It's interesting how a title can change perception of a work. If the title were lost, what would it be called?


Anonymous said...

Hello again!

Another piece which have got my whole attention.
I think that "Song" is very good title. At the first moment then I saw this image, it remainded me one particular song and singer. And not because of their similarity, because of atmosphere. He seems dedicated and faithful, not screaming.

I'll put link over here if you are interested to see my comparison. This is patriotic song named "Dawn".


William T. Ayton said...

Windmill, thanks. I watched the clip, very impassioned. I wish I understood the words he's singing.